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Who Is Ele11ven Sips?


Who is Ele11ven Sips? Ele11ven Sips is owned and operated by Octavia Reed and Lashanda Marshall. We are a Veteran and Women-Owned Business. Our vision to create a mobile beverage company came from our love and long history in the food, beverage and hospitality industry.  


Why the name Ele11ven?  11/11 comes from the birthdate of Octavia’s late brother Terry Bryant who passed away in  2018.  Terry also helped LaShanda build the Bartending and Wait Staff Company, “Marshall Arts Entertainment”.  


Why is there Rosemary in your logo?  Terry was an upcoming chef that loved to cook with Rosemary.  One of his last dishes he cooked contained this beautiful herb and is currently incorporated in the Ele11ven Sips Logo and Signature Cocktail. 


Octavia Reed

Mrs. Octavia Reed, a retired Army Veteran, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Upon retirement from the Army, Octavia continued her selfless service to the community. Octavia has committed her life to the service of others. Creating a premium luxury service for others to enjoy has been exciting and exulting. Ele11ven was created through the grief and pain of losing a sibling and a search back to cheers and laughter.

Lashanda Marshall

Owner and Operator of Marshall Arts Entertainment since 2009 is a Top rated Bartender and Wait Staff Company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Lashanda has worked extensively to provide the best professional team in the industry.  MAE works with the Top Chefs and Caterers in DFW and currently coordinates over 100 events per year. 

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